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Truck and Railcar Gangways

Railcar Gangways & Truck Gangways

Hemco engineers and manufactures loading racks and gangways for both truck and railcar loading platforms. Our truck and railcar gangways are designed to fit the needs of either single spot or multi-spot loading areas. Our loading racks equipped with safety gates, gangways and cages represent a complete loading and unloading solution and are available in a variety of sizes to fit all your specific needs.

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Truck and Railcar Mounted Gangways

Hemco Industries is a leading provider of track mounted gangways. Our truck and railcar gangways both offer track-mounted systems that are designed to eliminate the hassle of railcars and/or trucks not being parked and positioned directly at the designated spots for loading and unloading.

Hemco’s track-mounted gangways allow operators to simply maneuver the gangway along the track so that the gangway is directly aligned to the railcar crash box opening or truck hatch. Once the gangway is aligned the operator can then use the gangway to easily access the top of the vehicle while also being protected by our OSHA compliant preventative safety cages for diversified fall protection.

Installing track-mounted gangways also provides operators with the ability to access multiple hatches without having to continuously move the railcar or truck. This helps improve safety and speeds up your loading and unloading process.

Hemco Industries will assist you in determining the best option for your application; our track-mounted systems pair with our safety gates, gangways, and cages to allow operators ease of use and increased productivity.

Hemco Industries is proud to offer FREE quotes on marine gangways, just fill out the Request A Quote form and a Hemco gangway specialist will contact you shortly. You can always reach us by phone at 281-890-6862.

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