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Custom Gangways

Custom Safe Access Gangways

Hemco Industries offers several standard gangway models to fit your loading and unloading needs including Titan gangways, Self-Adjusting Stair (SAS) gangways and Marine gangways. Our durable Carbon Steel gangways are built to withstand the harshest environments and are ideal for most loading and unloading applications.

In addition to our carbon steel gangways, we manufacture aluminum marine gangways for loading, unloading, inspecting and repairing vessels. Our custom marine gangways lightweight design is ideal for managing deployment and handling.

Gangway Transloader | Gangway Skid | Movable Gangway

While we are proud of our standard gangway systems, we recognize the uniqueness of each of our clients and their projects. Hemco Industries is happy to receive orders for custom gangways. The Hemco design engineers will work with you to understand your project needs, then propose a custom gangway solution that fits your needs.

With our years of experience and expertise, we can manufacture custom marine gangways, floating dock custom gangways, truck & railcar gangways, and more.


Hemco Industries also provides you the option to customize your existing Hemco gangway. All Hemco gangways can be retro-fitted for Surround-U-Rails, operator shelters, gangway cages, and more.

Hemco Industries appreciates the opportunity to bid on your custom gangway projects. To receive a FREE quote, call us at 281-890-6862 or toll-free at 888-746-4973.

You can also submit our Request A Quote form or send us an email. Upon receiving your request, a Hemco gangway specialist will be in touch with you shortly! Visit the Hemco LinkedIn Page for ongoing updates.