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Rigid Lifelines: Anchor Trolley

Rigid Lifelines Anchor Trolley Overview

The Anchor Trolley™ is the newest technology available on the market for fall arrest systems. The Anchor Trolley™ works in combination with the enclosed rigid track from Rigid Lifelines® to provide a superior fall protection system for industrial employees who work at height.

Rigid Lifelines | Anchor and Trolley System


  • Non-pneumatic tires
  • Tongue Bar Coupler (Class 3 or higher)
  • Drawbar Eye Coupler (for Pintle hitch)
  • Leveling jacks
  • Single or dual track
  • Layered primer with single and double enamel coatings, epoxy coatings, and galvanized finish

In order to save your company time and money, the trolley is designed so that it can be used on almost any rigid track system. Within Rigid Lifelines track, the Anchor Trolley™ can be used on the 500, 600, 700, and Alu-Track models.

How Does it Work?

The trolley uses a simple design that engages automatically during a fall event. The attachment point for the SRL hangs below the enclosed track. If at least 50 pounds of pressure is exerted on the SRL attachment, the hands-free brakes will engage. When the brakes are engaged, a series of 8 hardened-alloy steel contact points create friction against the enclosed track. The friction generated by the contact points, in conjunction with the weight of the worker, causes the trolley to stop all movement on the track. Once the weight of the worker has been removed from the trolley, the contact points are lifted and the trolley can resume rolling along the track.

Other Benefits

The Anchor Trolley™ has been built with non-consumable parts. This means that the Anchor Trolley™ requires minimal maintenance and minimal parts that need repair. If there is a problem with the Anchor Trolley™, you will know immediately because there is a fault indicator that appears when there is a broken spring. In addition to being low maintenance, the Anchor Trolley™ is offered in a stainless steel model which makes it ideal for corrosive environments. And, after repeatedly testing the Anchor Trolley™, we can say with complete confidence that it is weather-proof and temperature-proof.

To ensure that you have a full range of motion while using the Anchor Trolley™, our engineers designed the I-bolt (where you attach your SRL) to have a full range of 360° coverage. And, the I-bolt pivots to allow for 30° off-plumb movement (as allowed by OSHA).


This is the first fall arrest trolley that actually locks in place after a fall and minimizes trolley drifting. Traditional trolleys will stop your fall, but the momentum of a fall will cause you to drift far away from the place where you fell. If you drift from where you fall, you completely eliminate your chances for self-rescue.

Since the Anchor Trolley™ locks in place after a fall, it keeps you closer to where you fell. Assuming that you are conscious and able, the Anchor Trolley™ will dramatically increase your ability for self-rescue after a fall event. And, if you can rescue yourself, you will reduce, if not eliminate, your chances of experiencing suspension trauma.

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