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Rigid Lifelines: Inverted-L

Rigid Lifelines Inverted-L Overview

The Inverted-L Freestanding Monorail fall protection system is perfect for protecting workers who need to access the top of a tall vehicle for maintenance or flatbed loading and unloading. Our system provides an easy and reliable way for workers to protect themselves while working at height. Ensure efficiency and reduced downtime by making maintenance and shipment processes safer for workers with the Inverted-L Freestanding Monorail fall protection system.

Rigid Lifelines Fall Protection | Harness | Lanyard


Our systems can be designed for workers up to 400 lbs when used with 900 MAF energy absorbing self-retracting lanyards.  Custom systems are available for heavier workers; please inquire with our sales department for more information.

Contact Hemoc today for more details on the Inverted-L or any of the Rigid Lifeline products: (713) 681-2426 or at sales@hemcoind.com.

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  • Consists of reinforced wide-flange column and cantilevered beam
  • Standard trolley-clevis heights between 22’ and 26’
  • Standard bridge span distances between 2’ and 12’
  • Requires concrete foundation
  • 50’ support centers for the track (fits on flatbed trucks without a permit)
  • System can support 1 to 4 workers
  • Anchor Trolley™ comes standard
  • Custom heights, spans, cantilever design, and support structures
  • Single track, dual track, or multiple tracks
  • Curved track available
  • Layered primer with single and double enamel coatings, epoxy coatings, and galvanized finish
  • Platforms with guardrail and ladder or stair access available
  • Custom lighting and SRL-retrieval mountings