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Liquid Loading Systems

Bulk Liquid Loading Systems

Aside from industry leading safe access and fall protection equipment, Hemco offers a variety of liquid loading systems, including best in class liquid loading arms and custom internal manufactured hose arms.

Hemco is a licensed distributor of loading arms. Hemco Industries offers the most complete line of equipment available to meet today’s bulk loading and unloading requirements. Whether your application involves tank trucks, rail cars, or drums, we can work with you to develop the right equipment for your application. A wide array of standard loading systems is also available from stock.

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Liquid Loading Arms

Tank truck loading arms and rail cars can be loaded and unloaded from the top or the bottom, through one or more open manholes, or through tight connections on the vehicle. The loading arms are designed so that they can easily be extended to reach the farthest fill point. The loading arms can be easily handled by one operator without excessive pushing, pulling, or lifting.

The Hemco Hose Arms provide easy connection to tank cars or trucks while avoiding any possible leaks. Our Hose Arms are the obvious choice when compared to rigid arms that allow for leaking swivel joints.

Hose Arms

Manufactured to rise vertically for clearance, this hose arm easily pivots to securely swing the hose so that it’s snug against the loading rack. The Hemco Hose Arm makes the handling of hoses safer than ever before and is easily installed on any loading rack.

Hemco hose arms assist in holding the hose up while the operator is making the connection. Hose arms allow the hose to be safely placed atop the truck or tank car, which relieves the operator of that burdensome and dangerous chore.