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Track Mounted Gangways & Carriage Assemblies

Track Mounted Gangways & Carriage Assemblies

At Hemco, we’re committed to providing the traveling mounts and carriage assemblies you need to streamline your next loading job—no matter how big or small. Our equipment will improve the safety and efficiency of your company’s workflow and is designed to fit your project specifications.

Track Mounted Gangways

An effective, optional way of mounting a gangway, Hemco carriage assemblies make it easy to relocate your equipment anywhere on the loading rack—allowing convenient access even when your railcar or vehicle cannot be spotted directly in front of the gangway.

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Advantages to traveling mounts and carriage assemblies include:

  • Effortless, low-maintenance wheel and track system
  • Adaptable designs for retrofitting or new project applications
  • Increased safety and reduced spotting problems
  • Multiple vehicle access from a single area
  • Call our qualified team members today to purchase a customized traveling mount, carriage assembly or other piece of loading or fall protection equipment. Hemco’s staff guarantees your product satisfaction, and works daily to manufacture the equipment designs that keep your operators and loading staff safe and productive.