Gangway Safety Cages

Hemco manufactures various gangway safety cages for optimal fall protection and fall prevention when accessing the tops of railcars and tanker trucks.

Attached to the front posts of the Hemco Gangway, the Enclose-U-Cage levels down as the gangway folds down to provide all-around fall protection on tops of vehicles where there are no railings. Standard size is 4‘ wide x 6“ long x 2‘ high with two rails, but sometimes different situations exist where different sizes are required.

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Custom Enclosure U-Cage for Gangways


Custom sizes are invited and can be designed and furnished to customer requirements. Extra rails can be added if desired. The Enclose-U-Cage can be easily retrofitted to existing installations.

Retrofits? Yes, all 50,000+ Hemco Gangways in service can be retrofitted by drilling holes in front posts and bolting cage in place.


The Hemco Surround-U-Rail provides complete fall protection and is featured on all Hemco loading ramps. The Surround-U-Rail is rigid and sturdy, made from 1 ¼” tubing and hot-dipped galvanized. It is attached to the end rails of the loading ramp and folds out of the way with the folding of the loading ramp. The outboard rail allows the lower portion of the Surround-U-Rail to swing. This makes a neat and compact arrangement as it swings back into the stored position. It can also swing out when lowered over a truck if necessary.

Supplemental Gangway Rail

In some situations such as tank cars, for instance, there is platform railing, but it is not high enough to provide the protection desired by the operating entity. This supplemental rail, attached to the front post of the Hemco gangway, folds down with the gangway and is above the car rail, giving it the height needed for protection.

Hemco’s safety cages provide complete fall protection for gangways and loading ramps. To place your order for a gangway safety cage, email us, call 713-681-2426 or toll-free at 877-394-3626.


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