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Rigid Lifelines Benefits

The Benefits of Rigid Lifelines

The Rigid Lifelines Benefits that Hemco Industries provides is solutions for common industrial and construction setting fall hazards. We offer portable and permanent fall protection systems to meet the needs of both indoor and outdoor facilities.

The Advantages of Fall Arrest Systems Using Overhead Engineered Track:

  • Shorter Falls
  • Safer Workers
  • Freer Movement
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No Bounce Tracking Systems

By eliminating the bouncing effect of overhead wire rope systems, reduces the total amount and severity of secondary fall injuries.

Plus, our engineered track stays rigid after a fall, so other workers on the same track are not affected.

Dramatically Reduce Fall Distances and Impact Forces

During a fall, Rigid Lifelines® fall arrest systems don’t deflect downward like overhead wire rope (cable) systems do. The zero-deflection of our rigid engineered tracks means that our fall distances and deceleration forces are a fraction of those experienced by users of overhead cable systems.


As a result, our fall arrest systems exponentially lower the number and severity of injuries after a fall. And unlike other fall protection technologies, Rigid Lifelines® overhead track systems frequently enable self-rescue: the user is typically in the position to step up to safety, reducing the potential for suspension trauma.

Two “No Swing” Systems

Rigid Lifelines® Traveling Bridge and Swing Arm Systems both keep the overhead attachment point directly over the user’s head at all times. This feature virtually eliminates the potential for swing fall and swing impact. That’s great for both fall arrest users and nearby sensitive equipment, like aircraft or process machinery.

Effortless Movement

Traditional single-point anchorage systems severely restrict a worker’s linear movements. And overhead cable fall arrest systems can drag or totally hang up on their anchor points. Meanwhile, I-beam fall protection systems quickly gather dirt and have bulky, heavy trolleys.

These problematic fall arrest systems make workers less efficient. Out of frustration, workers might unhook themselves — or, worse yet, never hook up at all.

By comparison, when you’re attached to an overhead system, you experience effortless movement. We provide a rolling trolley that moves where and when you move.

Maintenance-Free Tracks, Indoors or Outdoors

Dirt, dust, animal droppings, snow and ice can all present major problems for wire rope or I-Beam overhead fall arrest systems. These everyday contaminants greatly increase trolley “drag” and cleaning these systems is difficult and time-consuming.

By comparison, our enclosed “V” profile design prevents the accumulation of debris or ice on the engineered track. So our overhead trolleys continue to glide effortlessly, indoors or out.

To learn more, contact one of Hemco’s licensed Rigid Lifeline Professionals today at 713-681-2426.