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Transfer Skids & Transloading Racks

The Hemco Transloading Racks offer a single loading platform for multiple operational transferences between high tank cars and lower trucks.

Tank car access points are considerably higher than trucks, which can present the problem of getting personnel safely to the top of both vehicles from a single loading rack location with only one level. Should the loading rack be designed low enough for the tank trucks it creates a difficult and unsafe situation for getting to the tops of the tank cars. The reverse situation is created if the loading rack is designed high enough for the tank cars. Hemco Transloading Racks solve this problem to provide the gangway with slight variations in height to fit any access point. This loading rack provides safe, easy and unobstructed access to the top of both tank cars and trucks.

Gangway Transloader | Gangway Skid | Movable Gangway

A snap to install, split-level loading rack assemblies are shipped prefabricated, welded in as large pieces as practical for shipping. It’s all bolted in the field with a minimum of bolted connections and easily installed with maintenance people or unskilled personnel in a matter of hours by following our piece-marked drawings. Just install the anchor bolts in accordance with the drawings we furnish, set the pieces on the anchor bolts, true them up, and bolt the pieces together – that’s all there is to it.

The split-level transloading rack from Hemco Industries makes loading and unloading at varying heights safer for operators and personnel. Hemco Industries offers FREE quotes on split level loading racks – simply fill out our Request a Quote Form. Please feel free to give us a call at 281-890-6862 – we’d love to hear from you!

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