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Rigid Lifelines: Inverted-U

Rigid Lifelines Inverted-U Overview

The Inverted-U Freestanding Monorail fall protection system is a great way to protect workers who are busy performing maintenance checks on transportation equipment. This system offers workers a solution that is reliable and easy to use.  Plus, these permanent systems provide long spans of fall protection in areas that lack an overhead structure for mounting a system

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Our systems can be designed for workers up to 400 lbs when used with 900 MAF energy absorbing self-retracting lanyards.  Custom systems are available for heavier workers; please inquire with our sales department for more information.

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  • Each frame consists of two columns with a support beam
  • Heights and clear spans available per application
  • Standard trolley-clevis heights between 22’ and 26’
  • Standard bridge span distances between 2’ and 12’
  • Requires foundation, but foundations are smaller due to U-frame design
  • 50’ support centers for the track (fits on flatbed trucks without a permit)
  • System can support 1 to 4 workers
  • Anchor Trolley™ comes standard
  • Custom heights, spans, cantilever design, and support structures
  • Single track, dual track, or multiple tracks
  • Multiple Monorail Support Available
  • Curved track available
  • Layered primer with single and double enamel coatings, epoxy coatings, and galvanized finish
  • Platforms with guardrail and ladder or stair access available
  • Custom lighting and SRL-retrieval mountings