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Gangway Cages & Accessories

Hemco manufactures state-of-the-art access gangway accessories and optional equipment for standard and specialized loading situations. Built to enhance personnel safety and project productivity, our gangways, loading arms and loading ramps are durable and affordable. Each is designed for complete fall protection while helping you maximize the functionality of your site.

Available gangway accessories and options include:

These maintenance-free cylinders are durable and simple to install. Air fold back cylinders can be used to extend large access ramps and extra-long gangways, or automatically collapse gangways for fold-up storage. Hemco cylinders can also be adapted to any in-stock or custom loading equipment.

Available in custom or standard sizes (4’x6’x2’), Hemco u-cages come in galvanized steel and aluminum. Retrofit them to your current site equipment to provide increased operator protection, or order new cage designs for commercial loading applications.

If your tank car railings are not high enough to ensure fall protection, maximize operator safety by installing additional rails. Our world-class gangway accessories can swing into a stored position, or fold away for easy pull-out.

Safe Access Gangway Accessories

At Hemco, your safety is our number-one priority. For over fifty-five years, we’ve been designing fall protection equipment and safety mechanisms. Call our qualified professionals today to place an order for gangway accessories and options, inquire about product inventory or schedule an on-site safety consultation.

Click here to visit the OSHA Fall Protection page.