• Is Hemco price competitive in the market place?

    Yes, Hemco has been a price and durability competitive factor in access and fall protection products for over 55 years. We are committed to providing the highest quality products at the lowest possible price. Our products are engineered to be the longest lasting products on the market.

  • Our gangway was damaged. Do we need to replace the whole gangway?

    In most circumstances, our representatives are able to recommend just the replacement parts needed in order to save our customer further expenses.

  • Why does Hemco use hot dipped galvanized Carbon Steel over aluminum as its primary design material?

    55+ plus years of Carbon Steel product experience remind us that hot-dipped galvanized Carbon Steel out-performs and outlasts aluminum and other construction materials. We still have gangways in service today that were installed in the mid-1960’s.

  • Does Hemco offer custom designed versions of its products?

    Yes, Hemco accommodates any situation that calls for custom built products. We have custom built our products; gangways, loading racks, loading ramps, fall protection, and more - for over 55 years. We will absolutely create a product that meets your exact specifications.

  • How easy are your systems to install?

    In almost every case, a general contractor or company facilities personnel can install our products with the most basic of tools. We constantly hear feedback stating, “That was easy!”

  • Why should we choose Hemco over other companies that supply personnel access products?

    Simple: our combination of service, price, performance, and product longevity has made Hemco the right choice for over 55 years. We’re big enough for the big jobs and yet still the right size to handle any custom needs for our customers.