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Pulp and paper mills are constantly upgrading machinery, building new facilities and requiring constant maintenance in an effort to prevent the failure of equipment. While growth, upgrades and repairs to machinery are essential to keeping your mill operational, it also exposes maintenance personnel to a variety of safe access issues and fall hazards if not handled appropriately. To ensure OSHA compliance and operational safety requires the execution of a comprehensible fall prevention strategy; this includes installing the proper fall protection equipment, personnel training, and partnering with a fall prevention company that understand the unique nature of your facilities access points and potential fall hazards.

Fall protection continues to rank as the number 1 cited violation; violations for falls also account for the most frequent repeat violations on the list. Reports show that over a five-year span, in the pulp and paper industry, falls have resulted in an estimated average of 1 fatality per month; an estimated average of 5 workers per month are injured on the job due to falls. OSHA has cited over 6,000 violations in the past year alone with fines ranging in the millions of dollars.

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Hemco is a top provider of pulp and paper mill fall prevention systems and has 60 years of knowledge and installation experience in this market sector. Our understanding of operational procedures in the pulp and paper industry provides us with the unique qualifications to efficiently identify, diagnose and solve fall protection and safe access issues within pulp and paper mills. Our innovative solutions proactively minimize the potential risks associated with accessing the multiple height variations found in and around mill operations.

Our proactive fall prevention solutions involve gangways, loading racks, safety gates, loading ramps and more; all of which help prevent the possibility of a fall ever occurring. Hemco is also a distributor of reactive fall protection solutions such as cable fall protection, anchor track systems, harnesses, lanyards and more. Not only do we provide safe access solutions we also manufacture and distribute products that are necessary for overall safer operations and liquid handling such as excess flow valves, hose arms, loading arms, grounding units, track pans and many other products.

Since 1956 Hemco has been providing safe access solutions to pulp and paper mills all over North America. At Hemco we always take the time to understand your needs, goals and objectives. Our priority is to offer you with the best possible solutions and to assure all personnel is provided with the safest operational systems.

A dedicated Hemco Product Specialist and Engineer will work with you one-on-one, to understand the challenges and issues you’re facing. We deliver and implement lasting solutions that will exceed your needs and provide your operators with safe, efficient and easy access. We do not treat issues in isolation; instead, we look at the big picture, and identify and integrate specific engineered solutions that work in tandem with your existing operations.