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Hemco Industries provides Rigid Lifelines solutions for common industrial and construction setting fall hazards. We offer portable and permanent fall protection systems to meet the needs of both indoor and outdoor facilities. With years of experience in fall protection systems, we understand they must: (1) Meet your fall safety plan: One size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer a variety of different fall arrest and fall restraint systems. Plus the expertise to customize any of our systems to meet your needs and the ANSI Fall Protection Code. 

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Fall Protection

Rigid Lifelines Products

The Rigid Lifelines® Griffin™ Anchor Track™ System provides rigid track fall protection with coverage of up to 30 degrees off center. We offer two different versions of the Griffin system: skidded and wheeled. Each Griffin version also includes a Low Headroom design for track lengths up to 22 feet. With typical overall weights of approximately 15,000 pounds for the Skidded Griffin and 19,000 pounds for the Wheeled Griffin, the skidded system can be moved with a large forklift, and the wheeled system can be moved with a heavy-duty pickup truck. Frequently used in exposed outdoor locations, the trolley effortlessly follows users’ movements as they traverse tops of vehicles and other large equipment.

Rigid Lifelines Fall Protection | Griffin | Harness | Lanyard

The Anchor Trolley features a braking system that engages during a fall event and virtually eliminates post fall drift—or as I call it, “ziplining.” By eliminating the ziplining problem, the Anchor Trolley improves the worker’s ability to self-rescue, which is a huge value to any user.

The ability to increase the chances for the user to self-rescue makes the Anchor Trolley much safer than similar products. Rescue is the part that everybody forgets. Although preventing a fall is the most crucial, rescuing the fallen worker is extremely important. A suspended worker in a harness really has only about 15 minutes to be rescued before he or she starts to experience medical issues from suspension trauma.

Rigid Lifelines Fall Protection | Harness | Lanyard

Rigid Lifelines® fall protection Anchor Track™ Systems protect your workers from fall hazards. By utilizing our rigid enclosed track that requires minimal maintenance, our systems provide superior performance indoors or outdoors regardless of weather or working conditions. All Rigid Lifelines’ fall protection Anchor Track systems meet or exceed the current OSHA and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) fall protection standards.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to provide fall protection at heights of 4 feet in General Industry workplaces and 6 feet in the Construction Industry. Your industry and understanding your specific fall hazard application are key to determining which fall arrest system is right for you.

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Rigid Lifelines® Inverted-U Anchor Track™ System protects workers who are busy performing maintenance or inspections on transportation equipment or machinery. This system may require concrete foundations, but they are smaller than the foundations required by our other freestanding systems (Inverted-L and T-Frame). Plus, this permanent system provides long spans of fall protection in areas that don’t have existing overhead structures to mount a system.

Our systems are designed for maximum person weight, plus tools, to be 310 pounds when used with 900 maximum average arresting force energy absorbing self-retracting lanyards. Custom systems are available for heavier workers; please inquire with our technical sales team for more information.

Rigid Lifelines Fall Protection | Hemco Industries | Harness | Lanyard

Rigid Lifelines® Inverted-L Anchor Track™ System provides fall protection to workers who need to access the tops of vehicles, railcars, and structures. Perfect for the transportation industry, this system utilizes concrete foundations to cover long spans. By offering custom cantilevers or support structures, this system provides an easy and reliable way for workers to protect themselves while working at height.

Each frame consists of a freestanding column topped with a header and standard trolley-hook height is 22 feet (custom heights available). Standard arm reach distances between six and 12 feet (custom distances available)

Rigid Lifelines Fall Protection | Harness | Lanyard

Rigid Lifelines® Ceiling-Mounted Monorail Anchor Track™ System is sold as individual components, a standard assembly kit, or as a custom engineered system. This system provides straight rigid track fall protection on a fixed path for many applications, such as truck loading and unloading, vehicle or machinery maintenance, and manufacturing. Because a ceiling-mounted monorail system does not require support columns, the system does not take floor space, which means more space for your workers. In fact, ceiling-mounted monorail systems can easily protect workers in tall ceiling height applications. By using existing support steel, a ceiling-mounted monorail system can easily support long runs and curves within the system design.

Rigid Lifelines Fall Protection | Harness | Lanyards

Rigid Lifelines Products

For several years, Hemco has been a leading distributor of Rigid Lifelines® Products. Rigid Lifelines has been engineering, designing, and testing rigid rail fall and truck protection systems. All of our rigid rail systems comply with OSHA 1910, OSHA 1926, and ANSI Z359 standards. By meeting OSHA and ANSI regulations, our rigid rail systems reduce workplace risks and protect your workers from hazards.

Be simple to install & use

Our systems are adaptable to virtually any application environment, from low ceilings to airplane hangers, to no ceilings, as well as almost any type of roof. Want to speed up your search for the right fall protection equipment?

To learn more about Rigid Lifelines Fall Protection solutions, contact Hemco today at (713) 681-2426 or email us at sales@hemocind.com.