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Rigid Lifelines Fall Protection Products

Hemco Industries provides Rigid Lifelines solutions for common industrial and construction setting fall hazards. We offer portable and permanent fall protection systems to meet the needs of both indoor and outdoor facilities. With years of experience in fall protection systems, we understand they must: (1) Meet your fall safety plan: One size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer a variety of different fall arrest and fall restraint systems. Plus the expertise to customize any of our systems to meet your needs and the ANSI Fall Protection Code. 

Rigid Lifelines Fall Protection System | Harness | Lanyard

Rigid Lifelines Products

For several years, Hemco has been a leading distributor of Rigid Lifelines® Products. Rigid Lifelines has been engineering, designing, and testing rigid rail fall and truck protection systems. All of our rigid rail systems comply with OSHA 1910, OSHA 1926, and ANSI Z359 standards. By meeting OSHA and ANSI regulations, our rigid rail systems reduce workplace risks and protect your workers from hazards.

Be simple to install & use

Our systems are adaptable to virtually any application environment, from low ceilings to airplane hangers, to no ceilings, as well as almost any type of roof. Want to speed up your search for the right fall protection equipment?

To learn more about Rigid Lifelines Fall Protection solutions, contact Hemco today at (713) 681-2426 or email us at sales@hemocind.com.