Hemco Industries

Model 400 MGM Back Pressure Check Valve

Application Overview

MGM 400 Back Pressure Check Valve is designed to allow flow in one direction only. It is made completely of carbon and stainless steel and is machined from bar stock, not castings, for added durability. The metal to metal seating allows slight leakage in the closed position.

The Model 400 MGM Back Pressure Check Valve is designed for installation in lines that flow into pressure tanks. They should be in inflowing lines when outward flow is never required. Model 400 MGM Back Pressure Check Valves can be mounted in any position. Each valve will have the proper flow direction indicated by an arrow stenciled in the body.

As with all MGM Back Pressure Check Valves, do not reduce outlet pipe size. Back Pressure Check Valves should be installed as close as possible to the container, with the stem pointed inwardly toward the container.

Valve Features

  • Designed to slip inside Schedule 160 or less steel threaded pipe flange.
  • Generous flow channels provide low pressure drops.
  • Heavy duty all steel construction will withstand extremely tough conditions.
  • Complete 304 or 316 stainless steel construction available for use in corrosive or extreme environments.


  • Body – Carbon Steel
  • Poppet – Stainless Steel
  • Guide – Carbon Steel
  • Spring – Stainless Steel