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Roofed Loading Racks

Loading Racks with Roofs

Hemco designs and manufactures both standard and custom loading racks with either sloped or gabled roofs.

Hemco Industries offers safety, durability and cost-efficiency through our standard and customizable roofed loading racks. Our canopy roofed loading rack systems are easy to assemble and provide employees and personnel fall protection as well as protection for the sun and other harsh environmental elements. Hemco Industries is the leading manufacturer of Roofed Loading Racks and railcar & truck loading systems.

Truck Loading Station

Roofed loading rack features:

  • Pre-engineered complete package with drawings and erection piece markings.
  • All loading racks made with hot-rolled structural sections and shipped in welded assemblies as large as practical and consistent with good shipping practice to make field erection fast and simple. Our welded assemblies save you labor and erection costs. It can be easily erected with existing plant personnel.
  • Our loading racks are easily modified to fit any situation – length, width, overhang or other special situations that your operations require.
  • Standard design meets or exceeds most building codes, but can be modified to meet or exceed any severe codes, i.e. earthquake and/or wind conditions.

Roofed Loading Platforms

Hemco Industries is proud to offer FREE quotes on canopy roofed loading racks – email us or fill out our Request A Quote form. To speak with a Hemco fall protection representative, give us a call at 281-890-6862 or toll-free at 888-746-4973.