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Loading Platform Operator Booths & Shelters

Hemco Industries is a proud partner of Par-Kut International to offer the best operator booths and shelters for your loading platforms. Par-Kut International offers the industry’s best, most reliable and safest operator shelters. The durable steel design of Par-Kut International operator shelters provide security and comfort to workers in extreme weather conditions.

Loading Platform Shelter

They’re constructed from quality long-lasting materials and offer an attractive addition to your loading platform, loading rack or gangway. The welded galvanized steel construction yields a solid one-piece unit that withstands wear year after year, repeatedly outlasting other types and brands of operator shelters.

Par-Kut International is committed to providing the safest and most durable booths available with uncompromising workmanship and innovative design solutions. Your Par-Kut International booth can be customized to meet any requirement and can be located almost anywhere that operators or equipment need protection.

Sliding doors mounted opposite of each other allow personnel to walk directly through the unit if desired. Inside the unit counters are mounted on both long walls, offering plenty of workspace.

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