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Hose Arms


The Hemco Hose Arm provides easy connection to tank cars or trucks while avoiding any possible leaks. Hemco’s Hose Arms are the obvious choice when compared to rigid arms that allow for leaking swivel joints. Manufactured to rise vertically for clearance, this hose arm easily pivots to securely swing the hose so that it’s snug against the loading rack. The Hemco Hose Arm makes the handling of hoses safer than ever before and is easily installed on any loading rack.

Hemco hose arms assist in holding the hose up while the operator is making the connection. Hose arms allow the hose to be safely placed atop the truck or tank car, which relieves the operator of that burdensome and dangerous chore.

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Hose Arm Operation

Bringing It Into Position – “Fold” handle brings the hose arm to a position below the horizontal, where it stops. The Hose Arm is then pivoted horizontally to achieve the correct location. The operator then walks out to the platform of the car or truck, grabs the end of the hose (now conveniently in position) and makes the connection.

  • Spring balanced for safe and easy handling of heavy hoses
  • Adjustable up to 90 lbs.
  • Raises to vertical and pivots left and right
  • Single and Dual models off­ered to meet various applications
  • Easy attachment to Hemco or existing loading rack

Bringing It Back to the Loading Rack

After loading is completed, the operator disconnects the hose from the car or truck and lifts the end of the Hose Arm up above the horizontal. The Hose Arm balance mechanism then takes over and automatically folds it up, taking it back to the loading rack. Or, the operator can also go back to the loading rack and pivot the Hose Arm to a position alongside the loading rack. From the loading rack, the Hose Arm can then be rotated as necessary to obtain the optimum storage position.

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