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Safely load more material in a shorter time with less spillage and vapor loss using a bottom loading arm system. Hemco Industries has been working alongside Excel Loading Systems to bring you the safest and most efficient loading systems and loading arms that the industry has to offer. Bottom loading arms are specifically built for the loading and unloading of chemical products and mineral oil from the bottom, side, or rear of tanker trucks or railcars. The bottom loading arm is used for longer reach, is very easy to maneuver, and works best for applications where it might be difficult to properly position the connection flange.

Bottom loading arms from Hemco Industries offer numerous benefits.

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Bottom Loading Arm Benefits

  • When utilizing a bottom loading arm, connections are made more quickly so overall loading time is reduced
  • Bottom loading arm systems create less turbulence in the tank, reducing the danger of generating static electricity.
  • Bottom loading arm systems not only reduce vapors, which can be an environmental hazard but can also be easily adapted to fully
    recover vapors displaced during loading.
  • Speed is a key advantage of bottom loading arm systems because tanks can be filled faster and a number of compartments can be loaded simultaneously.

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Bottom loading arms play an essential role in the transferring of both toxic and non-toxic materials. We take the transfer of chemicals seriously. Therefore, we offer a number of specific types of bottom loading arms to ensure that our clients can obtain the product the best fits their needs.

The many advantages of the bottom loading arm system make it one of the most widely used loading systems in commercial and industrial applications. Hemco Industries manufactures bottom loading arms, gangway systems, loading ramps, fall protection and many other products to keep your projects running and your employees safe.

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