Hemco Industries Receives a 2015 Crystal Award Nomination

By: Hemco Industries

HOUSTON, TEXAS – The local American Marketing Association (AMA), announced this week that Jared Williams the Marketing Manager of Hemco Industries, has been nominated as a finalist to receive a Crystal Award under the category of “Best Product or Service Catalog”.

The 2015 Hemco Product Catalog was voted upon by a select panel of respected marketing professionals from outside the Houston area. The Crystal Awards committee sets specific guidelines, then tabulates results and certifies which finalist will be acknowledged for their distinguished Marketing initiatives. Judges score each answer on a 1 to 10 scale, and primarily focus their criteria on the problem being solved, preciseness of objective, strategy and tactics utilized, message displayed, and the ultimate results received.

Hemco Industries put tremendous thought into updating their marketing appeal and rose to the occasion by providing a creative catalog with unique size, intricate drawings and product imagery, and that provides viewers with a message that’s easy to comprehend, while being informative but straightforward. Hemco Industries is honored just to be considered for such an esteemed award and will be in attendance May 15th, for the 2015 Crystal Awards at the Hotel ZaZa.