Portable Fall Protection & Loading Systems

At Hemco we know that every bulk liquid loading situation presents a different type of need and solution. We offer multiple portable fall protection systems and loading platforms that allow for maneuverability with the ability to either roll directly on the ground or slide while being attached to a loading rack. Hemco engineers and manufactures loading systems for multiple loading situations which include both truck and railcar bulk liquid loading. While our products are designed to fit the needs of either single spot or multi-spot loading areas, we often provide portable or maneuverable loading solutions for various objectives and operations that are not looking for a single spot loading platform. Our portable loading racks, transloading racks, track-mounted gangways and rigid systems represent the multitude of complete loading and unloading solutions available.

No matter what the situations is we offer a variety of solutions to fit any need requiring portable loading operations. Below we have listed each of our portable solutions and the operational needs these best fit.

Portable Fall Protection & Portable Loading Applications

Portable Loading Systems

Track Mounted Gangways and Systems

Hemco Industries is a leading provider of track mounted gangways. Our railcar gangway and truck gangway both offer track mounted systems that are designed to eliminate the hassle of railcars and/or trucks not being parked and positioned directly at the designated spots for loading and unloading. This feature can be added to you loading rack to increase efficiency and ease of operation.

Hemco’s track mounted gangways allow operators to simply maneuver the gangway along the track so that the gangway is directly aligned to the railcar crash box opening or truck hatch. Once the gangway is aligned the operator can then use the gangway to easily access the top of the vehicle while also being protected by our OSHA compliant preventative safety cages.

Rolling Portable Loading Rack (Mobile Rack)

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Hemco’s Portable Loading Rack can easily be moved, making it perfect for environments where loading and unloading processes occur at multiple locations – simply roll the mobile loading rack from one loading station to the other.

All portable loading racks from Hemco Industries include a pre-engineered complete package with drawings and erection piece markings. This mobile platform is confi­gurable by the user to be assembled parallel or perpendicular to the base and is designed to withstand extremely heavy loads and provide safe and efficient access in any situation that operators may require. The mobile system is adjustable, easy to maneuver and offers reliable operations for many years to come.

Transloading Racks

Tank car and railcar access points are considerably higher than truck access points, this can present the problem of getting personnel safely to the top of both vehicles from a single loading rack location with only one level. Should the loading rack be designed low enough for the tank trucks it creates a difficult and unsafe situation for getting to the tops of the railcars? The reverse situation is created if the loading rack be designed high enough for the tank cars. Hemco transloading racks solve this problem to provide the gangway with slight variations in height to fit any access point. Our transloading rack also has the ability to roll so that it may be used in multiple locations. This loading rack provides safe, easy and unobstructed access to the top of both tank cars and trucks. The split level transloading rack from Hemco Industries makes loading and unloading in different spots and with varying heights more efficient and safer for operators and personnel.

Multi-Station Loading Racks

Hemco Industries manufactures multi-station loading racks to accommodate loading applications of all sizes. In fact, if we don’t have a standard multi-station loading rack system to satisfy your project needs, we can build a custom loading rack solution to your exact specifications. Our multi-station loading racks are perfectly paired with our track mounted systems and gangways.

The Griffin: Rigid Lifelines

Hemco offers the Griffin which allows workers to travel the entire length of a flatbed truck or railcar with horizontal fall protection present the entire time. By keeping the SRL directly overhead, the likelihood of a worker experiencing a swing fall is dramatically reduced. Plus, the versatility of the Griffin allows workers to have effective fall protection coverage in virtually any location. If workers can have a continuous length of track that covers their work space, they will be able to keep an SRL overhead to reduce the possibility of swing falls, and they will be more efficient as they navigate their work areas.

One of the biggest benefits of the Griffin is the fact that it’s easy to move and use. By using either a forklift or other towing device, you can transport the Griffin to almost any location that needs fall protection. That portability is powerful because it allows for seamless integration into unusual areas where employees are exposed to potentially dangerous heights. Even without fall protection training, most workers find the Griffin system simple and quick to incorporate into their routine. And when fall protection is accessible and efficient, everyone will find it easier to implement a safer workplace attitude.

Contact a Hemco fall protection specialist today, we’ll help you select an efficient, world-class cable fall protection system based on your unique application. Hemco fall protection specialists are easily reachable by phone or by contacting Hemco.

Portable Loading & Fall Protection Systems

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  • Transloading Rack
  • Transloading Rack | Railcar Loading Rack
  • Transloading Rack
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  • Multiple Station Loading Rack | Railcar Loading Racks
  • Multiple Station Loading Rack
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  • Multiple Station Loading Rack | Railcar Loading Rack
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