Excess Flow Check Valves

2”, 3”, and 4”

All LPG tank cars, LNG tank cars and Butane tank cars, transport trucks, and loading/unloading stations are required by both state and federal regulatory bodies to have Excess Flow Check Valves installed. In addition, all LPG, LNG, Butane storage vessels used for domestic delivery and consumption are also required to have Excess Flow Valves installed.

Hemco Excess Flow Check Valves are factory configurable to flow limits ranging from 6000 to 50000 GPH.

Protect high pressure LPG, LNG, and Butane transfer lines against catastrophic ruptures or failures

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Hemco's Excess Flow Check Valves provide instant shutoff in the event of a hose break or line failure, preventing the release of hazardous or inflammable products to the area which can result in a disastrous fire or explosion and untold damage to personnel and equipment. When a line fails, an excessive amount of product is released in a matter of seconds. Past experience has proved that in many instances the operator is unable to reach the shut-off, check valve due either to injury, or the whipping action of the hose. Take the guess-work out of this situation with automation.

Operation - Automatic

Hemco Excess Flow Check Valves are specifically designed to permit high flow, yet close instantly and automatically when the flow becomes excessive due to line failure or other reasons. Liquid can flow through the valve in either direction however; the flow will be shut off in the direction indicated on the drawing in the event the volume through the check valve exceeds the predetermined customer-specified limit.

Construction - Rugged

The Hemco Excess Flow Check Valve body is of all welded steel construction consisting of A-105 forged steel flanges and seamless cold drawn A-106 tubing, seal welded and hydrostatically tested at 750 PSI. Internal parts are of special steels and stainless steels to insure trouble free operation for a very long period of time.

Installation - Simple

Hemco Excess Flow Check Valves may be installed in any size line up to 4", horizontally, or vertically, with flow in either direction.

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