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Case Study | Plant Fall Protection

Case Study: Denver, CO

Wyoming Efficiency Contractors is a construction and plant maintenance firm located in Denver, Colorado. Wyoming Efficiency Contractors regularly works with some of the largest railroad companies in the world. When one of their clients, a widely known US railroad, needed a custom loading system for their loading and unloading operations, Wyoming Efficiency Contractors called on Hemco Industries.

railcar loading rack | Hemco Industries

Safety and Efficiency Solutions

As one of the industry’s largest railroad operations, Wyoming Efficiency Contractors’ client needed a loading system that would improve employee safety and fuel loading efficiency. Hemco Industries proposed a custom 235′ railcar loading rack coupled with hydraulic loading ramps. Both Hemco’s railcar loading racks and loading ramps feature complete fall protection with Surround-U-Rails, non-skid flooring and level platform surfaces thus improving the safety of fuel loading operations for the client’s employees and operators.

Another aspect to this custom railcar loading rack system was the need for durable, rugged equipment that could withstand and perform in Colorado’s harsh winter weather. Hemco Industries uses only the best materials in railcar loading rack and loading ramp fabrication. 

Made exclusively from high-quality carbon steel and hot-dip galvanized, all Hemco railcar loading racks and railcar loading ramps are made to last longer than any competitor’s.

Hemco Helps Ramp Up Safety

Wyoming Efficiency Contractors placed an order for a custom built, 235-foot railcar loading rack accompanied by 8 custom, hydraulic railcar loading ramps. The 235-foot loading rack improves safety by allowing employees and operators to walk along the full length of the railcar on a flat, open-grating surface and without having to mount and dismount the equipment at different locations. The 8 hydraulic railcar loading ramps are easy to operate and make the fuel loading and unloading process safer and faster.

At Hemco Industries, we pride ourselves on both our superior products and superior, experienced customer service. Bill Powers, President of Wyoming Efficiency Contractors, was particularly appreciative of Hemco’s service representatives and the easy assembly of the delivered products:

“We contacted Hemco in need of a multi-station railcar fuel loading system for one of our customers.
Hemco met our needs with great industry technical knowledge and prompt turnaround time.
They engineered and manufactured a 235-foot loading rack accompanied by 8 custom hydraulic ramps.
The complete system arrived to our site early and due to Hemco’s manufacturing techniques the install
was easier than we had envisioned. Through every step of the process Hemco demonstrated excellent
service and an in depth knowledge of the industry. We look forward to working with Hemco in the future.”

– Bill Powers, President, Wyoming Efficiency Contractors

Hemco Industries worked closely with Wyoming Efficiency Contractors to understand their needs and to provide a solution quickly. Hemco was happy to provide the solutions Wyoming Efficiency Contractors needed to make their operations faster and safer.