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Custody Transfer Systems

Metering Systems & Custody Transfer Systems

Custody Transfer Systems are precision accurate metering systems that transload fluids such as petroleum or any other chemical product between two owners. These Custody Transfer Systems are designed to maintain extreme accuracy all while pumping hundreds of gallons of product per minute.

Custody Transfer System | Skid Loading

S&S Technical Systems

Hemco Industries has established partnerships with S&S Technical to assist in providing turn-key custody transfer systems, including stand-alone or rack in-line metering and custody transfer skids and operator interface panels.

Hemco can provide experts with experience in designing single and multi-run custom pump skids for the oil and gas industry. As you consider all of the options when evaluating your capital equipment needs for your loading station or terminal, consider mobile custody transfer skids.

This flexibility allows your site to be in production, no matter what daily delays occur at your terminal when you off-load product.

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