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Fall Protection vs. Fall Prevention

Fall Protection vs. Fall Prevention, what’s the difference?

Hemco Industries is the premier manufacturer of access safety equipment, fall protection and fall prevention systems. We often get the question, what is the difference between fall protection and fall prevention?

Fall prevention is often the first step to protecting employees from dangerous heights and difficult working environments.

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Fall Prevention & Fall Protection Examples

Fall prevention focuses on eliminating the fall risk altogether, thereby preventing falls and injury to employees and operators. Fall prevention measures include guardrails, like Hemco’s Surround-U-Rail, to keep operators and those working on gangways or loading racks and ramps within the confines of the platform. Hemco’s Loading Arms also act as fall prevention equipment – eliminating the need for operators to climb to great heights or to over-extend themselves across railings.

Fall prevention is an extremely important aspect to your business and your employees.

However, there are instances when the risk of falling cannot be eliminated entirely. In these situations, Fall Protection is key. Fall protection and fall arrest systems, like Hemco’s Cable Fall Protection and Trolley Fall Protection systems, are used in railcar, commercial, rooftop, industrial loading environments and more. Fall protection systems are only engaged in the event of an actual fall. Hemco’s Cable Fall Protection system and Trolley Fall Protection system are low-maintenance, cost-effective and OSHA-compliant.