Hemco Industries

Model 112 MGM Excess Flow Check Valve

Application Overview

MGM Series 112 Excess Flow Check Valves are designed for use under pressure gages and other fragile equipment that, if damaged, could cause a release of fluid. They are made completely of carbon and stainless steel and are machined from bar stock, not castings, for added durability.

The Model 112 MGM Excess Flow Check Valves has pipe thread connections on both ends, and are a free-floating ball type valve that must be used in the vertical position with the ball resting against the pin and the flow pointing upward. A small score in the seat permits slight seepage when the valve is closed to allow equalization of pressure after a broken line is restored.

Valve Features

  • 1/4″, 3/8″, or 1/2″ NPT threaded connections available.
  • Male or female NPT threads available for either end.
  • One piece body construction allows high working pressures.
  • All stainless steel construction available for corrosive or extreme environments.
  • Other valve sizes may be available. Contact MGM for alternate sizes.


  • Body – Carbon Steel
  • Pin – Stainless Steel
  • Ball – Carbon Steel

Sizes & Dimensions

112:A1/2″ M1/4″ F2.8131.13
112:B1/2″ M3/8″ M2.8131.13
112:C1/2″ M1/2″ F3.061.38
112:D3/8″ M1/4″ F2.56.88
112:E3/8″ M3/8″ F2.56.88
112:F1/2″ M1/4″ F2.63.88
112:G1/2″ M3/8″ F2.63.88
112:H1/4″ F1/4″ F2.75.88
112:J3/8″ F3/8″ F2.751
112:K1/2″ F1/2″ F3.251.13
112:M1/4″ F3/4″ M3.01.13
112:P1/2″ F3/4″ M3.251.13
112:Q1/2″ F1/2″ M3.381.13
112:R1/2″ M1/2″ M3.381.13
112:S1/2″ M1/2″ M3.13.88

All Size Values are in Inches.