Toeplate Safety Gate

Safety Gate Toeplate

Our industrial toeplate safety gates exceed OSHA standards. Hemco’s steel framed industrial Standard Safety Gate with toe plate provide openings and access points with the protection and easy accessibility for loading and unloading operations. Designed to self-close the Hemco Safety Gate provides each vulnerable access point with the up-most security and assures safety for all those passing by. Engineered with round section tubular frames and universal mounting features to allow for easy installation with adjustable sizing and swing direction. The Standard Safety Gate is the only safety gate which offers a toe plate for extra needed protection; we assure the safest operations that meet OSHA standards.

Standard Features

  • Universal mounting feature
  • meet OSHA guidelines
  • Adjustable sizing and swing direction
  • Galvanized carbon steel construction
  • Additional toe plate for extra protection
  • Fits vulnerable openings from 28 inches to 36 inches
  • Round section tubular frame, smooth edges and visually appealing