Self-Adjusting-Stairs (SAS) Gangway

Simple, fast access to the top of any loading situation


Hemco's Self Adjusting Stair gangway (SAS) provides safe access where there are numerous height differences in tanker trucks and railcars being serviced from the same elevated walkway.

Standard models are available in 3 tread, 4 tread, 5 tread, and 6 tread, each having the ability to reach out as far from the elevated walkway as needed. Longer stringers are available, but may need hydraulic assistance for ease of folding up and down.

SAS Gangway - Hemco Industries  Carbon-Steel SAS Gangway


After the Safety Securing Latch is released, a slight push out on the top of the gangways will drop the treads as they remain horizontal to meet the desired top of the truck at any height either above or below the elevated walkway.

The internal balance mechanisms keep the gangway in perfect balance for effortless operation throughout the full range. To retract, simply pull on the pull chain located on the right side of the gangway. The balance mechanisms will gently raise it to the vertical. The Safety Securing Latch automatically latches when stair reaches the vertical position.


  • Gangway panels and stringer housings made from heavy gauge steel
  • Tread Support Bars rotate on factory sealed flange mount bearings
  • Treads are serrated non-slip grating
  • Handrails and midrails remain rigid at any position
  • Rubber bumpers on ends make soft rest on truck
  • Tension spring balance mechanisms are of heavy construction and are factory set
  • Seldom are adjustments required, but are easily done if necessary


The SAS gangways is easily installed on any structural loading rack. Bolt mounts to top or side of walkway. Factory installed and adjusted balance mechanisms - typically require no field adjustment. Shipped almost totally assembled - very little field assembly required.


  • The SAS gangway can be equipped with our standard of 4’ x 6’ U-Cage safety enclosure, or other sizes if requested
  • Air or hydraulic operation is available for non-standard, larger, custom size stair stringers

Hemco Industries has been producing high-quality gangways systems for over 50 years. We appreciate the opportunity to compete for your projects - receive a FREE quote on our SAS gangways by submitting our Request A Quote form. Please feel free to give us a call at 713-681-2426 or toll free at 877-394-3626.

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