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Since 1956 Hemco Industries has been a leading manufacturer of world-class access and fall protection products for rail cars, tanker trucks, and other applications.  Designed to deliver easy access and provide personnel safety, our diverse product line can handle all of your bulk loading and unloading needs.  We consider ourselves first to be an Engineering firm that solves customer problems, who also happens to have a 25,000 square foot manufacturing facility.  We don’t just sell a boxed product, we sell solutions.

We use carbon steel in our designs, and for good reason.

Hemco has products delivered to customers in the mid-1960’s that are still in use today. This type of product longevity and durability would not be possible using aluminum. Due to the critical safety nature of our product applications, combined with the industrial weight and moment loads that our products experience, carbon steel is clearly the superior choice.

Today, Hemco continues to provide access solutions to such companies as Exxon/Mobil, Conoco, DOW Chemical, DuPont, Union Pacific, and more.

We offer both standard products and custom fabrication for the most complex bulk loading applications. Our company’s experienced product specialists and engineering staff are ready to provide safe solutions, competitive pricing, and superior post-sales service for any application you may have.

Truck Access Platforms
Easy to move platform to allow safe access throughout your site.
Designed to withstand heavy loads and provide safe access.
Access Platform
Safe access to the top of vehicles or anywhere along the track.

Rail Car Access Platforms
The Hemco hose arm makes the operators job easier saving you time & money.
Safely access tops of hopper cars and hopper trucks for loading and unloading operations.

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